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Funcubing - Fun with Twisty Puzzles


Current Articles

Information about Office Accessories

It's better to buy the real thing after proper research, than getting whatever is available cheap first. For home use, those things will usually last a whole lifetime.

Now available in English:

Organizer Formats  ·  Combo Punch for the Mini-Formats  ·  Pens for the Mini-Formats  ·  Hole-Punch Spacings

Still only available in German language:

Hole-Puncher  ·  Binding Systems  ·  Paper Cutter  ·  Shredder

Canon EF Prime Lenses Chart  -  Updated 2017-08-29
A chart that shows the Canon EF prime lenses for Canon EOS cameras by focal length and aperture. New: Additional Notes

Tiny Jigsaw Puzzles (German text only)
A Jigsaw Puzzle does not have to be huge, or have thousands of pieces...

3D Image Viewing Primer
Taking 3D photos is easy, but it's hard to share them. So I finally decided to write a short summary of the different possibilities.

External Flash for the FujiFilm Real 3D W1/W3 Cameras  -  Updated 2012-08-08
How to use an external flash unit with the FujiFilm Real 3D W1 or FujiFilm Real 3D W3 cameras.

Retired Projects

kpadinfo - Neues und Interessantes aus der Welt der Einzelportionssysteme
A little off-topic compared to all the technical stuff here, and in German Language only.
Detailed information on single serving coffee systems with focus on the central european market.
Last update: September 2013.

CARDSPEED - Card Readers and Memory Cards for various Memory Cards and Card Readers
This was my first big project that I started in February 2004.
Last update: November 2011.

HD-TechDat - Technical Data of Harddisks with focus on sub-2.5" models
This was my second big project that I started in August 2004. It's just too hard to keep it up-to-date all the time.
Last update: October 2008.

Other / Older stuff...

SONY Cyber-shot DSC-TX7
Specifications and notes about the SONY DSC-TX7 camera.

CardBus S-ATA Controller - Notebook goes S-ATA
Are you tired of the poor performance of USB 2.0 or FireWire 400? Maybe FireWire 800? Why not try a combination you would not have thought of...
NEC ND-6500 - Slim ATAPI DVD Writer
I needed an upgrade for my old Toshiba SD-R6112 2×DVD-R and decided to get both, a new drive and a new enclosure.
Archos ARCDisk40 - 40GB 1.8" External Harddisk
The ARCDisk40 would be the best tiny external harddisk available, but unfortunately the ATA to USB 2.0 bridge used is way too slow. In the meantime there are other solutions available where you get the full performance of the harddisk at the price of a few millimeters in size and less build quality. I would go for speed if I had the choice.
SONY MZ-NH1 - Portable Hi-MD Recorder
As an upgrade for my old SONY MZ-E55 portable MD player, I bought the new SONY MZ-NH1 portable Hi-MD recorder. I realized that there is a serious lack of information, so I decided to jump in.
SONY MZ-E55 - Portable MD Player
Well, after the article about the MZ-NH1, this is a must-see. I took some photos while I was cleaning my old MD player some time ago.

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