2008-10-24 - Transcend 1.0" SSD
Transcend offers  1.0" SSD  modules of 2-16GB for direct replacement of Microdrives with a footprint of 40×30mm² and 35-pin ZIF connector.

2008-10-23 - Hitachi Microdrive 3K6 6GB
I was able to get two  Hitachi 3K6 6GB Microdrives  with slightly different low-level formatting.

2008-08-24 - Two more Microdrives
I was able to get two more Microdrives: The  Hitachi 3K8 8GB Microdrive  and the  IBM 340MB Microdrive DSCM-10340 . Actually, the DSCM was offered as DMDM model, but I decided to keep it, instead of returning it.

In case you own a Microdrive (dead or alive), and have no more use for it, please  contact me . The most wanted items are the 0.85" Toshiba models. The 4GB version is supposed to be used in the Cowon iAudio 6 media player or Nokia N91 4GB mobile phone.

2008-08-15 - Samsung SpinPoint A1 with ZIF-ATA Adapter
I finally got the ZIF-ATA to ATA adapter. As expected, I was able to get much better write results with the HU040HA. The test results and graphs are included in the  Samsung A1 Page .

2008-07-27 - Microdrive Anatomy
Some photos from the first test shooting with an opened Seagate ST1 are available in the  Microdrive Anatomy  section.

2008-07-08 - Microdrive History
The first version of the  Microdrive History  is available.

2008-07-07 - IBM and Hitachi Microdrives
I finally found the two Microdrives and added the respective pages with first photos and some text:

 IBM Microdrives  and  Hitachi Microdrives .

2008-07-05 - Samsung SpinPoint A1 HU035HA
I could not resist and ordered the 30GB verision of the LaCie little disk. I was suprised to find the HU035HA inside, the model with 512 bytes per sector. This means that the disk does not suffer from misaligned read/write, and has a much cleaner write diagram, see  Samsung A1 HU035HA . More information will be added soon.

2008-06-29 - More 1" Information
A page for the  Western Digital OneInch Series  is added, as well as information for the  Cornice 3.0GB Storage Element .

2008-06-26 - Samsung SpinPoint A1 HU040HA
The external USB disk featuring the Samsung SpinPoint A1 HU040HA arrived, and it was quite easy to disassemble the enclosure without any damage. The first version of the  Samsung 1.3" page  is available, more information and photos will be added step by step.

First quick tests showed a sustained read rate from about 22.5MB/s down to about 12.5MB/s, and a sustained write rate of at least 19MB/s in the fastest media zone. At least for the 40GB models, I can't confirm any serious writing problems, as other sources claim for the 30GB model.

2008-06-24 - Seagate and Cornice Drives
As preparation for the Microdrive Special, pages with photos of a  Seagate 1" 12GB ST612712DE  and an older  Cornice Storage Element 1.5GB  have been added.

The order with a device containing the latest Samsung 1.3" 40GB drive is on its way. The transfer diagram will be added first, after that will be deconstrucion time...

Devices with 3-4GB drives can be found at 12-15 Euro, one of these will become a victim for disassembling the drive itself.

2008-06-23 - Starting a Microdrive Special
Actually, the first version of this website was a list of microdrives and 1.8" harddisks that got seriously "out of bounds". With the new Samsung 1.3" series with 30GB and 40GB, I decided to start a Microdrive Special. I know that only the IBM and Hitachi models are allowed to carry that name, but it has become a common term for 1" harddisks.

To catch up with the previous models, I got myself a 12GB USB drive and ripped it the same evening. It turned out to hold a  Seagate ST1.3 ST612712DE  with an average read/write rate of 7.95MB/s.

With SD cards of 16GB with 19.9MB/s read and 12.5MB/s write and appropriate thumb-drive sized closed card readers, it's obvious why manufacturers abandoned this product line.

As a bonus, I added the strange transfer rate graph for the  1.5GB Cornice Storage Element .

2008-06-11 - Western Digital VelociRaptor
Yesterday I could pick up my WD VelociRaptor. For a start, I added three photos to the  VelociRaptor  page.

I can't tell whether I can get the full speed of the harddisk, my PC has no native SATA-II ports. Yesterday I tried to update the BIOS of my SiI3132 based PCIe x1 SATA-II card, but it acts a little strange now...

2008-05-30 - Tests with Five 2.5" SATA Harddisks
I had to get a harddisk for the  NEXTO eXtreme  and needed a few attempts until I found the ideal harddisk. Here are the  Test Results . The Toshiba MK1652GSX showed the best perfomance with the NEXTO eXtreme, the Samsung HM320JI was the next best candidate.

These are the first "new" Graphs showing read (red) and write (white) rates together with trendlines to show how the actual rates compare to the polynomial average. Explanations will be added later.

2007-06-15 - Splitting Up Pages
The lists are constantly growing, and the disk categories become more important. Therefore, the SAS/SCSI page is now split up in 3.5" and 2.5" models, the 3.5" and 2.5" ATA pages are split up in SATA and PATA. In addition, sections for different types and RPM models are added.

2007-06-13 - Catching Up, Once Again...
This time it was not due to my lazyness, my daytime job kept me too busy to care about harddisk news for about three months. Most of the new models should be listed now, the pages will be up to date in a few days.

2007-02-26 - WD5000AAKS Test Results
The disk seems to have timing problems with SiI SATA host controllers, so the first results using the SiI3114 of my PC were not good enough. Switching to one of the ICH6R ports gave better results, but there is still a lot of jitter. The fastest zone transfers at rates between 79.5MB/s and 86MB/s with an average of 83MB/s. The slowest media zone still has an average sustained data rate of 42.3MB/s. For more details, see the results for the WD5000AAKS.

2007-02-21 - WD5000AAKS
I wanted to get the WD5000KS, but the shop only had the WD5000AAKS, so I took that one. I could not find any official information at the WD website, but first tests indicate that the WD5000AAKS is a three-platter PMR model (3x166GB) instead of four-platters LMR (4x125GB) for the WD5000KS. More information will follow, right now my PC has no 2 1/4 hours idle slot to run the test program, and the CardBus SATA adapter seems to be maxed out in the fastest zone.

2007-02-19 - Details for previous Hitachi Deskstar models
The details for the Hitachi Deskstar 7K500-500 HDS725050KLA360 are available, as well as the graph for the older Hitachi Deskstar 7K400-400 HDS724040KLSA80. These harddisks show that it is possible to get uninterrupted sustained data rate.

2007-02-12 - Details for the Samsung HD400LD
The Samsung Spinpoint T33 HD400LD does not show a clean graph, either. This time there seems to be an additional influence by the timing between disk and host controller, so there are more tests necessary. For first details, see the Analysis of the Test Results.

In the meantime, I did a quick test with the "a little older" Hitachi HDS725050KLA360. The disk shows 25 distinct media zones from 62MB/s down to 29MB/s without any cause for complaints. Full details will follow, a complete test run takes 3 hours, and I have to find enough idle time. But now I know for sure: My next large 3.5" harddisk will be a Hitachi. Not the fastest, not the cheapest, but the Hitachi folks seem to know what they are doing!

I also have a Maxtor DiamondMax 11 6H500R0 PATA disk where I did not take the "official" test results yet, but can't remember why...

2007-02-09 - A New Page: The Harddisk Calculator
After analyzing the test data of the Samsung HD501LJ, I decided that it's time to make some calculations easier. The Harddisk Calculator currently offers three calculations: The sustained data rate, the impact of seek time and latency on reading small and/or fragmented files, and the idle calculation used in the analysis.

The most impressive example is calculating the data rate for a 10,000RPM 75MB/s harddisk with 4ms average seek when reading 100 files of 0.1MB. And then trying to improve the resulting data rate by doubling the sustained data rate using RAID-0 (striping).

2007-02-07 - Details for the Samsung HD501LJ and HM160JC
I added the graph for the Samsung Spinpoint T166 HD501LJ together with the Analysis of the Test Results.
I was able to get the Samsung Spinpoint M80 HM160JC working on the PCs Ultra-ATA controller, so I updated the data and added the media zone detail and the resulting average data rate.

2007-02-02 - Graphs for the 2.5" Models added
I added the graph for the new Samsung Spinpoint M80 HM160JC and also for the other 2.5" models, especially the Hitachi Travelstar 7K100-100 HTS721010G9AT00 and Hitachi Travelstar 5K160-160 HTS541616J9AT00.

2007-01-30 - New Test Data
I had to get some new harddisks, the test data will be added step by step. First candidates are the Fujitsu MAX3073NP (73GB 15,000RPM SCSI) and the Western Digital WD Raptor WD1500ADFD (150GB 10,000RPM SATA).

2007-01-24 - Update done
Most of the work is done, I only have to double-check the values.

2007-01-17 - Catching up... once again!
Well, time flies. But I have plans to update the lists once again.
It's not as bad as it could be after a seven months break.

2006-06-12 - Almost Done
Most of the work is done. Some new columns have been added, but certain values are not contained in the old data. Some manufacturers only give very brief information, so there will be some gaps even if my part of the work is completed.

2006-06-06 - Individual Tables
Due to the constantly increasing size, the table with the technical data has been split up:
SAS/SCSI  ·  3.5"  ·  2.5"  ·  1.8"  ·  1" 

2006-05-24 - Catching up...
PMR and RoHS caused some delays in development and I did not watch closely and suddenly lost track. After such a long break, I had a hard time catching up with the development that was going on.
The list is not fully up to date, but it's good enough for now. I also have plans for splitting up the list into SCSI/SAS, 3.5", 2.5" and the rest.

2005-10-10 - The Toshiba 0.85" Drives Finally Got A Name
The latest harddisk overview shows the model numbers MK2001MTN and MK4001MTD for the 0.85" harddisks. According to the usual naming conventions, the first two digits indicate the capacity of 2.0GB and 4.0GB, the last two digits indicate the generation "01". The final letter seems to indicate the normal/double capacity version.

2005-10-07 - More Information about "Mikey" and "Slim 1.8 Inch"
In the meantime, there are datasheets available that match the announced "Mikey" and "Slim 1.8 Inch" disks. The datasheet for the Microdrive 3k8 family mentions three different interfaces, but no word about a CF compatible version.

2005-09-29 - Performance Graph for the ST3400832AS
I added the performance Graph for the Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB S-ATA and split up the Test Data page.

2005-09-27 - Performance Graphs
Actually, I wanted to prepare a new release of this site quietly. But since the comparison between the WD800GD and the WD740GD might be of special interest, I quickly added those two graphs while I am in the middle of the transition phase.

The final version of the Test Data layout will be split up by form factor, show graphs for all disks where appropriate data is available, and the Media Zone Details will have a more sophisticated number formatting.

2005-09-23 - Surprise! WD800GD
I got a new PC at work with the WD Raptor, and I could not resist taking the transfer rate data first. I noticed that the total average data rate was below that of my WD Raptor at home, so I took a closer look. The diagrams were different, and after adjusting the scale I noticed that the "new" Raptor had 13 instead of 11 media zones. Then I remembered that I noticed the 80GB harddisk in the configuration data, and at that time was wondering that they "generously rounded up" the 74GB. Step by step I realized, what was going on here.

2005-09-22 - New Test Data
I added the test data for the Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB ST3400832AS and the Hitachi Travelstar C4K60-60 HTC426060G9AT00. I did not realize that my last update was 4 weeks ago. This means that I most likely missed some announcements...
As a next step I am preparing the transfer diagrams in order to include them on the Test Data page, so stay tuned.

2005-08-25 - Summer Holidays Are Over
It looks like the summer holidays are over now, because most manufacturers have some news.

New 2.5" models announced: Fujitsu MHV2160BT 160GB, Hitachi Travelstar 4K120-120 HTS421212H9AT00 120GB, Toshiba MK1233GAS HDD2A05, all of them 4200RPM models. Toshiba also released two ruggedized "Automotive" harddisks, MK3029GAC and MK3029GACE, mainly with extended operational temperature range.

The really exciting news came from Toshiba, who started shipping the first PMR (perpendicular magnetic recording) harddisk 2005-08-16, the 40GB 1.8" MK4007GAL HDD1622. The 80GB model MK8007GAH HDD1584 will follow later this year. This explains why the recently announced 1.8" CE harddisks had generation number 8 in their product code: While other companies were busy making hilarious promotion cartoons, Toshiba just built the harddisks without big introduction.

2005-08-09 - Cornice and GS-Magicstor News
Cornice announced the new 4.0GB version of their popular Storage Element series 2005-07-18. As usual, there are not many technical details given, except the statement that there is only one side of the platter used. This explains the reduced height, so the 3GB is most likely a single-sided disk, too.

I haven't been watching the GS Magicstor site for a while, so I was surprised to see that there were quite a lot changes. It looks like they dropped the idea about USB versions, reduced the 4.4GB models to 4.0GB and added a 3.3GB CE model.
However, the material does not look very convincing: The PDF brochures show a creation date 2004-12-24 and last modified 2004-12-27 and show slightly different data than the HTML datasheets.

2005-08-04 - Toshiba MK4006GAH Test Results
The test result for the Toshiba MK4006GAH HDD1564 is available now. This harddisk is not just a MK6006GAH clipped to 40GB, it is formatted at lower density. This means that the MK4006GAH is not as fast as the MK6006GAH, but it is still faster than the MK4004GAH.

2005-06-20 - Maxtor News
On the 6th of June, Maxtor announced new capacities of up to 500GB for the MaXLine and DiamondMax series. The disks will be available for Q3/2005. This will be the third company joining the "Half-Tera" club.

2005-06-18 - Toshiba News
On the 9th of June, Toshiba announced a new series of 1.8" harddisks. There is nothing special regarding the capacity, only size and weight are slightly reduced, mostly by using a new ZIF connector.

2005-06-15 - Seagate News
On the 8th of June, Seagate announced the ST1 with 4GB and 8GB, the Barracuda 7200.9 with up to 500GB and the Momentus 5400.3 with up to 160GB. Please note that the 160GB Momentus 5400.3 will require 48bit LBA, so the disk might not work in older devices.

2005-05-30 - News Page
This news page was added and set as start page. Hopefully, you still find the page with the Technical Data.

2005-05-25 - Manufacturers and Product Lines
An overview showing the major harddisk manufactuers and their product lines was added.

2005-05-23 - New Layout
In preparation for new pages, the layout was changed from linked pages to a proper frame layout with menu.

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