Performance Data

Compiled by Hans-Jürgen Reggel

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3.5" SATA    WD3000GLFS, HD103UJ, WD1500ADFD-00NLR1, WD800GD-75FLC3, WD740GD-00FLA2,
WD5000AAKS-00TMA0, HD501LJ, ST3400832AS, HDS725050KLA360, HDS724040KLSA80
3.5" PATA    HD400LD, 6B300R0, HDS272525VLAT80, IC35L180AVV207-1, 5A300J0
2.5" SATA    MK1652GSX, HM320JI, ST9200420ASG, HTS722020K9SA00, HTS545050KTA300
2.5" PATA    HTS721010G9AT00, HTS541616J9AT00, HM160JC,
HTS541080M9AT00, HTS548080M9AT00, MP0804H, MK1031GAS, IC25N040ATCS04-0
1.8"    HTC426060G9AT00, HTC424020F7AT00, MK6006GAH, MK4006GAH, MK4004GAH, MK5002MPL
1"    HU040HA, HU035HA, ST612712DE, HMS361008M5CE00, ST68022CF, ST660211CF (30Z), ST660211CF (29Z), ST650211CF, WD60WP, HMS360404D5CF00 (11Z), HMS360404D5CF00 (9Z), Cornice 3.0GB, Cornice 1.5GB, DSCM-11000, DSCM-10340
Vintage    ST336752LW, IC35L018UWPR15, DDRS-39130W, DCAS-34330W

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