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List of Special Pages

This is a collection of links to special pages about  Readers ,  Cards ,  PSDs  and  other topics .

Card Readers

 Past meets Present 
November 2008: What happens if you feed today's memory cards to a card reader from the year 2003?
This page also shows nice close-up shots of three card reader PCBs.

 Singim Card Driver Series Overview 
A list of known models of the Singim Card Driver series.

Memory Cards

 UDMA CompactFlash Cards 
UDMA CF: Information, market overview and benchmark results.

 Memory Stick PRO-HG 
MS PRO-HG: Information, market overview and benchmark results.

 SD 2.0 / SDHC (SD Compatibility) 
SD 2.0 overview, 2GB and 4GB SD Compatibility, SDHC Compatbility.

 SD 3.0 / SDXC 
SD 3.0 overview, HS+, UHS SDHC, SDXC market overview and benchmark results.

 1GB xD Picture Cards 
April 2005: 1GB Type M xD-Picture Card compatibility and speed.

 miCARD - Facts and Fiction 
After the never released "µcard" (or Mu-Card), the miCARD was the second attempt of the MMCA to establish a new card format.

Portable Storage Devices

 NEXTO Family 
Overview for the NEXTO PSD family from NextoDI Inc.

NEXTO CF, the first fast and reliable PSD.

 NEXTO CF Ultra 
NEXT CF Ultra, the next generation with almost twice the speed.

NEXTO OTG, the first with USB 2.0 OTG support offering direct camera connectivity.

NEXTO M1, adding direct SD/MMC/MS support.

 NEXTO eXtreme 
NEXTO eXtreme, the first PSD with eSATA interface.

Other Topics

 Cluster Alignment and Card Performance 
How data access alignment can impact performance, how card standards deal with alignment issues, and how some manufacturers make things worse.

 Explanation of Special Tests for CompactFlash Cards 
How to interpret the graphs showing the results from the Special Tests introduced for CompactFlash Cards, and now used for all faster memory cards.

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