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Funcubing - Brickermod: Introduction

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Building Blocks Cubes
Building Blocks Cubes - Left: Integrated Plates, Middle: Plates Attached, Right: Plain Body 

Stickermod meets Bricks - Brickermod!

There are different so-called "Building Blocks" or "Color Bricks" Cubes, where there is a 2x2 grid of the well-known studs on each cubie face. Some models have colored plates integrated in the cubies. But other models only have studs on a plain black or white body. These come with sets of different colored 2x2 plates.

All of these models are fully compatible with stardard bricks of up to 2x2 base. Due to gaps between the 2x2 areas, the grid is not compatible across cubie boundaries. This means that each cubie face creates a 2x2 "playground" for attaching bricks - no more, no less. I call this "Brickermod" as term for Stickermod with the use of Bricks.

The models with integrated plates are not designed to have additional pieces attached. At lest for the model I have here, the integrated plates come off when trying to remove attached pieces.

There is one detail worth mentioning: The cubes have a regular size excluding the studs. With the default plates attached to the single colored bodies, the size including studs is 66.0mm. With tiles attached, the size is 62.4mm, which is still significantly more than the regular cube size of 55-58mm.

How to get Bricks

In case you are already a "Brick-Addict", you either already have the required bricks, or you know how and where to get the ones you need. If you are not familiar with bricks, here's a quick introduction.

Forget about searching for appropriate sets that might contain a big portion of useful bricks. In advance, I already bought three different sets of "Dots", with a total of more than 1600 mostly 1x1 pieces. That sounds a lot, but divided by different shapes and different colors, there were only five of some shape/color combination I'd like to use.

Each type of brick has an assigned number, once you looked up the number, you can search for dedicated offers. There are many different colors, so I wanted to be smart and ordered a color assortment of square 2x2 tiles (#3068b). To be safe, I opted for a set of 500. It turned out that only nine different colors were included, five of them are "useful" for my current ideas. 167 of the 500 pieces were dark red, actually a very dark burgundy red. At least, the lowest count per color was 23, so these tiles are enough to fill two cube faces.

The best way is to search for offers by brick number, color and count. This might be a little more expensive, but you can be sure that you get exactly what you need.


Colors are a difficult topic in the Brick World. Although the colors seem to have numerical IDs, bricks are sold by color name. Therefore, the English color name seems to be the only reference. If you buy from a local seller with color names translated to a language other than English, you can end up with unexpected colors.

There are about 45 regular solid colors in the current color assortment, plus a few metallic and pearl tones. That's a total af about 50 colors to choose from. Unfortunately, not all bricks are available in all colors. For example, the profrane 2×2 Tile is not available as "Yellowish Green", which would be an important "bright" green. That's because "Green" and "Bright Green" are too close in tone to be used on a puzzle.

The Brickermods

Color Theme and Color Scheme Brickermods

Flat Brickermods

Brickermods: Building Up

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 Introduction   ·   Color Mods   ·   Flat Mods   ·   Building Up 

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