Performance Data

Compiled by Hans-Jürgen Reggel

What's this all about? There are probably hundreds of harddisk benchmark programs available, but nobody really knows what these programs are doing, how the results are calculated, and how to interpret these results.

The following pages show detailed information about the sustained read rates of harddisks. While some people might think that such data is completely useless, there's one important point: Unless there are timing problems (as for example with the ST3400832AS), you won't get data off the disk faster than the shown rates.

Of course, the actual data rate can be less, but this can go down next to zero if you read single blocks from random locations spread across the whole data area. It all depends on so many components and details, that you can't tell exactly how a harddisk will perform in a certain environment.

Table of Contents

3.5" SATA    WD3000GLFS, HD103UJ, WD1500ADFD-00NLR1, WD800GD-75FLC3, WD740GD-00FLA2,
WD5000AAKS-00TMA0, HD501LJ, ST3400832AS, HDS725050KLA360, HDS724040KLSA80
3.5" PATA    HD400LD, 6B300R0, HDS272525VLAT80, IC35L180AVV207-1, 5A300J0
2.5" SATA    MK1652GSX, HM320JI, ST9200420ASG, HTS722020K9SA00, HTS545050KTA300
2.5" PATA    HTS721010G9AT00, HTS541616J9AT00, HM160JC,
HTS541080M9AT00, HTS548080M9AT00, MP0804H, MK1031GAS, IC25N040ATCS04-0
1.8"    HTC426060G9AT00, HTC424020F7AT00, MK6006GAH, MK4006GAH, MK4004GAH, MK5002MPL
1"    HU040HA, HU035HA, ST612712DE, HMS361008M5CE00, ST68022CF, ST660211CF (30Z), ST660211CF (29Z), ST650211CF, WD60WP, HMS360404D5CF00 (11Z), HMS360404D5CF00 (9Z), Cornice 3.0GB, Cornice 1.5GB, DSCM-11000, DSCM-10340
Vintage    ST336752LW, IC35L018UWPR15, DDRS-39130W, DCAS-34330W

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