Relabeled Drives

For other manufacturers, see the  Microdrive History .

Some camera manufacturers want to offer media with their own brand name, at least on the package. But sometimes they get custom labeled media that looks as if it would be a genuine product. One important hint is the name: Whenever the drive is called "Microdrive", the origin is IBM or Hitachi.

SONY Microdrive and Compact Vault

When SONY started to use CompactFlash slots in some of their digital cameras, e.g. the DSC-F828, they also wanted to offer appropriate media. The SONY Microdrives are Hitachi Microdrives, the SONY Compact Vault are Seagate ST1.

SONY Microdrive

The SONY Microdrives are custom labeled Hitachi Microdrives from the 3K4 series.

SONY Compact Vault

It looks like SONY soon realized that there is only a market for the highest capacity models. When they moved from Hitachi to Seagate, they had to come up with a new name: Compact Vault.

The Compact Vault 5GB is a first generation Seagate ST1, the Compact Vault 8GB is a Seagate ST1.2.

FujiFilm Microdrive

When FujiFilm started adding CompactFlash slots to certain camera models, e.g. the FujiFilm FinePix S602, they offered Hitachi Microdrives from the 3K4 series. It is not clear whether all of the models were just re-packed, or if some were actually custom labeled.

JVC Microdrive

JVC offered CF-II camcorders for some time, e.g. the JVC GZ-MC500. The JVC Microdrive is a Hitachi 3K4-4 model.

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