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integral ultimaPRO / Toshiba SDXC 64GB


Model: integral ultimaPRO SDXC 64GB (INSDX64G10RU1)
Card: Toshiba SDXC 64GB (THNSU064G AA2BC)
Interface: UHS-I, UHS104
Speed Classes:UHS-1, Class 10
Size: 64 273 514 496 Bytes = 61 296MB ~ 59.85GB
Sectors: 125 534 208 Sectors

Test Results  Read   Write
JMicron JMB389 PCIe x1  60.81MB/s 415x 38.45MB/s 262x
 Special Tests  

SDXC to ExpressCard PCIe x1 Adapter

The test setup:
integral ultimaPRO SDXC 64GB (INSDX64G10RU1)
Toshiba SDXC 64GB (THNSU064G AA2BC)
JMicron JMB389 SDXC ExpressCard 34 Test Board
ExpressCard to PCIe x1 Adapter
Read/Write directly from/to the media, no filesystem involved
Read/Write rates taken with a sample size of 4MB, 15324 samples

The test showed an average rate of 60.81MB/s (415x) read and 38.45MB/s (262x) write.

The write graph (white) shows a significant amount of jitter, the blue line shows a moving average over 16 samples (64MB).

Special Tests

See the  Explanations for the Special Tests  for details regarding the test procedure.

Hans-Jürgen Reggel   ·   ·   2011-02-05 ~ 2011-02-12