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Renice X4 Compact Flash SLC 32GB

For general information and other test results, see the overview  UDMA CompactFlash Cards .

Renice X4 Compact Flash SLC 32GB, RCS032-PX4C


Model: Renice CF
Firmware: 20101228
Type: CF Removable (848A) + ATA Fixed (044A)
CF-ATA Modes: PIO-6, MDMA-4, UDMA-6
Memory Mode: 120ns
Size: 32019111936 Bytes ~ 30535MB ~ 29.82GB
Sectors/CHS: 62537328 Sectors (LBA)

Test Results  Read  Write
 Express/34 PCIe x1 CF Reader   96.67MB/s 659x  91.22MB/s 622x
 Special Tests  

CF PCIe x1 Reader

The test setup:
Renice X4 Compact Flash SLC 32GB, RCS032-PX4C
Express/34 CF Adapter DR25, JMicron JMB368CF Controller
Read/Write directly from/to the media, no filesystem involved
Read/Write rates taken with a sample size of 4MB, 7634 samples

The test showed an average trasfer rate of 96.67MB/s (659x) read and 91.22MB/s (622x) write.

Renice SLC CF 32GB: PCIe x1 Read/Write

Special Tests

More information will follow, see the  Explanations for the Special Tests  for details regarding the test procedure.

Hans-Jürgen Reggel   ·   ·   2011-11-07