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SONY Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo 4GB (MS-EX4G)

For general information, see the  MS PRO-HG Page .


Model: SONY Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo 4GB
Type: MS-EX4G
Size: 4106223616 Bytes = 3916MB ~ 3.82GB
Sectors: 8019968 Sectors

Test Results  Read  Write
PCIe x1 Adapter  37.85MB/s258x  32.65MB/s222x

ExpressCard 34 PCIe x1

With the SONY MSAC-EX1, the card shows excellent results: 37.85MB/s (258x) read and 32.65MB/s (222x) write.

The test setup:
SONY Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo 4GB (MS-EX4G)
SONY Memory Stick Duo ExpressCard Adaptor (MASC-EX1)
ExpressCard 54 to PCIe x1 + USB 2.0 Adapter
Read/Write directly from/to the media, no filesystem involved
Read/Write rates taken with a sample size of 4MB, 979 samples

Important Note: I almost gave up when trying to make the MSAC-EX1 work on my PC using the ExpressCard to PCIe adapter. The PC does not detect the insertion of the PCIe device automatically, neither with XP SP1, nor with XP SP2. After inserting or removing the MSAC-EX1, a rescan of the "Storage volume" section is necessary. The XP Service Pack 2, as stated in the MSAC-EX1 manual, is not mandatory. Once the adapter is properly detected by the system, insertion and removal of a memory card is detected as usual. Notebooks are supposed to detect the adapter automatically, once the required drivers from the included CD are installed.

SONY Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo 4GB PCIe x1

Hans-Jürgen Reggel   ·   ·   2007-10-04 ~ 2007-10-04