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Cube sizes

Different sizes for 3×3×3 Cubes

A "normal" sized 3×3×3 cube has an edge length of about 56-58mm. There is a size range of about 45-60mm, where a cube is comfortable to handle. However, it is great fun to collect different sized cubes, as long a they are of good quality. There are a few manufacturers which produce really crappy cubes. In most cases, these can be identified by faint and/or odd sticker colors, and sharp outer edges.

The smallest mass-produced commercial cube has a total edge length of about 15mm. It comes as DIY kit, because the assembly is very time consuming, and would not allow a reasonable retail price. The largest mass-produced cube has a total edge length of 180mm.

The smallest cube with 15.6mm width including the stickers ist still fully functional. If you carefully cut all casting fins from all parts including the core, it turns very well for its size. The smallest "original" cube with 21.2mm turns really bad. Good quality cubes are available at sizes from 30mm to 89mm. There is a 134mm cube that still turns OK. The 180mm cube is too big to handle properly with two hands.

Sizes by Layers

The first higher order cubes were relatively large and heavy. Sometimes you'd either like a cube that does not take that much space in your luggage, or you'd just want to deal with less weight and size. However, smaller inner layers make turning single layers impossible, and require a two-step "forth and back" turning along each of the faces of the layer.

For strange reasons, there are no significantly smaller 4×4×4 cubes on the market.

Layers Regular Smaller   Notes
2 50mm 25mm
3 57mm 47mm other sizes: see above
4 63mm 60mm
5 62mm 58mm
6 67mm - the former regular size was 69mm
7 70mm 69mm the former regular size was 77mm
8 84mm 69mm
9 92mm 75mm
10 102mm -
11 109mm -

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