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Lost? If you want to check the different names, see the  Minx Names  table. If you want to know which features are available, like Stickerless or Magnetic, check the  Features  list. If you are looking for a specific model that fits your needs, see the  Market Overview . If you want to know more about how the names were chosen, read on...

Introducing the Minx Family

No other type of twisty puzzle has such a long list of names as the Megaminx/Kilominx family. There is a lot of confusion and misconception, so this is an attempt to look at the topic with common sense.

In the early days of Twisty Puzzles, names were common - instead of giving some kind of "layer" count. The Cubes were named "Pocket Cube", "Rubik's Cube", "Rubik's Revenge" and "Professor Cube". The higher order Pyraminx were called "Master Pyraminx", "Professor Pyraminx" and "Royal Pyraminx".

The Naming Dilemma

The first puzzle of this family was of order three, and was called "Megaminx" for no specific reason. Most likely, the name was chosen to create something "superior" to the Pyraminx. But actually, there is no special relationship between Pyraminx and Megaminx. From a technical point of view, the Pyraminx and Skewb are related, so the Skweb would have deserved the name Megaminx - but that's a different story.

Because of mechanical design reasons, the next higher order version of the Megaminx was of order five, and the name was chosen simply by using the next higher SI prefix, i.e. "Gigaminx". The lower order version of order two was then called "Kilominx" by using the lower SI prefix. When puzzles of higher even order were introduced, the dilemma of using subsequent SI prefixes for the puzzles of odd order arose. There was nothing inbetween the names that were already in in use. Therefore, the name "Kilominx" was kept for all puzzles of even order, and additional attributes were used. The puzzles of order four were called "Master Kilominx", the puzzles of order six were called "Elite Kilominx". The currently highest mass-produced even order Minx puzzle of order eight was called "Super Elite Kilominx". These names are part of the Twisty Puzzles history, and cannot be erased. However, there are attempts to find a more consistent naming scheme, especially for future puzzles of even order ten and higher.

The Minx Family Names

The table below shows different naming schemes for the Megaminx/Kilominx family. For more information, check the notes below the table.

Order Mass-
Classic Name Cube-Like Name Dodecahedral Name Nerds Name
Combat Name
2Kilominx2x2 Megaminx2x2x12Kibiminx
3Megaminx3x3 Megaminx3x3x12
4Master Kilominx4x4 Megaminx4x4x12Mebiminx
5Gigaminx5x5 Megaminx5x5x12
6Elite Kilominx6x6 Megaminx6x6x12Gibiminx
7Teraminx7x7 Megaminx7x7x12
8Super Elite Kilominx8x8 Megaminx8x8x12Tebiminx
9Petaminx9x9 Megaminx9x9x12
10--10x10 Megaminx10x10x12Pebiminx
11Examinx11x11 Megaminx11x11x12
12--12x12 Megaminx12x12x12Exbiminx
13Zettaminx13x13 Megaminx13x13x12
14--14x14 Megaminx14x14x12Zebiminx
15-Yottaminx15x15 Megaminx15x15x12
16--16x16 Megaminx16x16x12
17-Ronnaminx17x17 Megaminx17x17x12
18--18x18 Megaminx18x18x12
19-Quettaminx19x19 Megaminx19x19x12Atlasminx
20--20x20 Megaminx20x20x12
21--21x21 Megaminx21x21x12Minx of Madness


Feature Overview

The following table shows the available features for the mass-produced range, as of 2024-04-09.

Order Classic Name Mag-
4Master Kilominx-
6Elite Kilominx--
8Super Elite Kilominx---

Market Overview

There seem to be some re-branded puzzles available. I will add puzzles only, if the characteristics differ to those of a "main brand" model.
The company "sengso", formerly known as "Shengshou cube", is the all-time main player in the Minx market. The whole product range from order 2 to 13 is now sold in new "sengso" boxes.

There is a huge selection of different Standard-Megaminx (Order-3), probably about 100 different models, so these are not listed.

The table below is a summary of previously available and current Minx puzzles from highest order down to Order-2 (Kilominx), excluding regular Megaminx (Order 3), known to me as of 2024-04-09.
Order Classic Name Brand Model Item Number Item Code Faces Mag. Tiled Stickered Sticker-
Body/Core Even
Size AF Weight
YuXinHuangLong 9×9 Dodecahedron CubeYX1779Flat---Colored-120mm791g
8Super Elite KilominxShengShou8X8X87118A-*Flat---BlackColored135mm1180g
Order Classic Name Brand Model Item Number Item Code Faces Mag. Tiled Stickered Sticker-
Body/Core Even
Size AF Weight
ShengShou7X7X77117A-*6 923039 171173Flat---Black-103mm540g
ShengShou7X7X77117A-*6 923039 171173Flat---White-103mm544g
SengSo7X7X77117A-*6 923039 171173Flat---Colored-103mm512g
YuXinHuangLong 7×7 Dodecahedron CubeYX17596 952516 807267Flat---Colored-100mm458g
DianShengT220032MS6 954256 108789Flat--Colored-94mm337g
6Elite Kilominxmf8Elite KilominxFlat---BlackNone112mm595g
mf8Elite KilominxFlat---MilkyNone112mm595g
ShengShou6X6X67116A-*6 923039 171166Flat---BlackBlack101mm503g
ShengShou6X6X67116A-*6 923039 171166Flat---WhiteWhite101mm505g
Order Classic Name Brand Model Item Number Item Code Faces Mag. Tiled Stickered Sticker-
Body/Core Even
Size AF Weight
ShengShou5X5X57115A-*6 923039 171159Flat---Black-92mm375g
ShengShou5X5X57115A-*6 923039 171159Flat---White-92mm376g
SengSo5X5X57115A-*6 923039 171159Flat---Colored-91mm331g
YuXinHuangLong 5x5 Dodecahedron CubeYX17116 952516 806604Flat---Colored-87mm285g
DianShengGalaxy Gigaminx MT220030MS6 954256 108437Flat--Colored-80mm198g
4Master Kilominxmf8Master KilominxFlat---ColoredNone90mm306g
mf8Master KilominxFlat---BlackNone90mm306g
ShengShou4X4X47114A-*6 923039 171142Flat---BlackBlack90mm352g
ShengShou4X4X47114A-*6 923039 171142Flat---WhiteWhite91mm354g
SengSo4X4X47114A-*6 923039 171142Flat---ColoredColored91mm297g
YuXinHuangLong 4x4 Dodecahedron CubeYX17786 952516 807915Flat---ColoredBlack80mm232g
Order Classic Name Brand Model Item Number Item Code Faces Mag. Tiled Stickered Sticker-
Body/Core Even
Size AF Weight
3Megaminxnot listed, too many
2KilominxMoYuMF88606 970647 061600Flat---BlackBlack70mm135g
ShengShou2X2X27112A-*6 923039 171128Flat---BlackBlack71mm142g
ShengShou2X2X27112A-*6 923039 171128Flat---WhiteWhite71mm141g
QiYiQY30386 948154 230383Flat---BlackBlack71mm147g
QiYiQY30386 948154 230383Flat---WhiteColored71mm147g
FanXinFX77226 940556 100752Flat---BlackColored71mm152g

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