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The Domino Project - Yet another Level: The 4×4×4 Domino Cube

DIY 4x4x4 Domino
DIY 4×4×4 Domino Cubes. 

The Domino Project - Raising Domino to the Next Level: 3×3×3 Domino Cube

DIY 3x3x3 Domino
DIY 3×3×3 Domino Cubes. 

Domino Project - The Vintage Rubik's Domino

DIY Domino
Recreation of the Rubik's Domino. 

First Floppy Cubes

Floppy Cubes
First Floppy Cubes. Left: Original mechanism with wiggly cubies that lead to the name "floppy". Right: Super Floppy Cube that allows 90° turns. 

Vintage Rubik's Domino

Vintage Rubik's Domino
Two Vintage Rubik's Domino. Left: Leading black side, 3-2-1 on back. Right: Leading white side, 3-2-1 on back. 

Missing Link Puzzles

The Missing Link Puzzle
Back: Missing Link, Tsukuda Original, IDEAL 1981. Front left: The Missing Link, Keychain, ITC 1981. Front right: Ketten-Puzzle (German), Arxon. 

Vintage Rubik's Revenge

1981 Rubik's Revenge
Vintage Rubik's Revenge from 1982, Ideal Toy Corporation. 

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