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The Domino Project: Domino Fun

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Various Twisty Domino Puzzles
Various Twisty Domino Puzzles: Black 1×1×1, Black 2×2×1, Black and White 3×3×1, Leading Black 2×2×2, Leading White 2×2×2 

Actually, I never had plans for lower order Twisty Puzzle Domino. But because the puzzles were easily available, I decided to build them just for fun.

There are a lot of higher order Twisty Puzzles available, but getting identical black and white bodied versions is very difficult.

Black 1×1×1 Domino Cube

This is the most remarkable Domino Cube. For a regular 1×1×1 Cube, nobody can tell which of the six colors would be the leading face. With a 1×1×1 Domino Cube, there is one face holding a dot, and that is the leading face. Wit only one dot, the Domino cube is more determined than the "regular" cube with six color stickers.

Black 2×2×1 Floppy Domino

The 2×2×1 Domino shows an interesting effect: With three 180° turns, it can be transformed into its own mirror image. On a colored cube, this would be the configuration with solved 2×2 faces, but alternating colors around the edges.

For the dot patterns from one to four, larger dots can be used, giving a very beautiful look. Here, three dots only meet across a diagonal, not horizontally or vertical.

Black and White 3×3×1 Super Floppy Domino

These two Domino can be stacked to give the exact look as a Black 3×3×2. There is a significant drawback with Super Floppy Domino: Because the dot patterns could meet at inner face positions, the dots could rub each other off. Therefore, these two are only for decoration, not for serious use.

Black and White 2×2×2 Domino Cubes

The 2×2×2 Domino Cubes are the smallest non-trivial Domino allowing 90° turns. Just as with the 2×2×1 Domino, the 2×2×2 Domino Cubes can be turned into their respective mirror image. Therefore, it would not be necessary to have two of them. But when building one, the pieces for another one are left over, so why not have both at the same time?

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