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CF Reader Comparison

The table below shows the results for different CF readers, including the new CompuApps UDMA USB 2.0 CF reader, two USB 2.0 card readers using current controllers (AU6375 and GL819), the new SanDisk Extreme FireWire CF Reader with UDMA support, and the NEXTO CF as FireWire CF reader with PIO-4 support.

Current FireWire readers do not support the CF-ATA PIO modes PIO-5 or PIO-6. This means that they use PIO-4 instead, and therefore stay behind the USB 2.0 readers with support for PIO-6 or fast memory modes when using fast PIO-6 CF cards. The FireWire readers are a little ahead with fast PIO-4 cards or slower PIO-2 cards, but the USB 2.0 readers are a little faster with faster cards supporting only PIO-2.

The UDMA USB 2.0 CF reader is the best solution for fast PIO-6 CF cards and fast UDMA CF cards. When using only cards up to PIO-6, a fast "regular" USB 2.0 card reader can already be good enough to beat current FireWire reader in average. The only advantage of the SanDisk Extreme FireWire reader is the support of UDMA speed beyond the 31MB/s mark.

  CompuApps USB 2.0 UDMA 40 CFPIXO MSR-PROHama 1000&1 MultiSanDisk Extreme FireWireNEXTO CF ND-2500 1394a
SanDisk CF Extreme IV 4GBCF-IPIO-6, UDMA-430.9822.880.6517.8116.790.8017.7917.230.8240.2726.000.3914.9712.160.62
SanDisk CF Extreme III 1GBCF-IPIO-6, DMA-218.4817.500.8017.7717.160.8117.2617.580.9313.9012.480.4914.8812.400.69
Transcend CF 120x 8GBCF-IPIO-6, DMA-418.2012.610.9417.5312.441.0217.4012.491.11
SanDisk CF Ultra II 2GBCF-IPIO-4, DMA-211.258.9510.6511.118.9610.7110.968.8410.8012.498.8710.3212.508.5910.51
Transcend CF 80x 4GBCF-IPIO-610.4110.581.7510.3810.711.8410.1710.451.8711.1110.391.4511.2310.061.72
Transcend CF 45x 4GBCF-IPIO-48.165.941.228.055.941.237.955.871.358.685.840.868.675.741.11
RiData CF 52x 2GBCF-IPIO-26.575.391.196.925.601.326.835.561.445.554.500.924.593.801.19
Transcend CF 30x 1GBCF-IPIO-25.394.591.065.524.701.115.534.701.194.894.190.754.293.631.01
RiData CF 25x 512MB (1)CF-IPIO-24.942.831.234.932.821.244.882.831.365.162.800.874.332.771.12
RiData CF 25x 512MB (2)CF-IPIO-24.992.971.124.932.991.244.882.981.365.172.950.874.332.901.12
Transcend CF 25x 512MB (1)CF-IPIO-24.942.911.124.932.911.244.882.901.365.162.900.874.322.831.12
Transcend CF 25x 512MB (2)CF-IPIO-24.943.021.124.933.011.244.882.991.365.152.980.874.322.931.12
Lexar CF 8x 16MB (2) 2177ACF-IPIO-02.601.300.752.691.300.764.361.300.752.751.300.402.751.290.65
SanDisk CF 16MB (2002)CF-IPIO-41.960.872.001.950.872.131.950.872.142.060.860.762.050.851.93
Toshiba 1.8" HD 5GBPCMCIA-II HDPIO-4, UDMA-47.677.9421.227.607.9221.397.147.9621.428.157.4921.198.157.6721.38
Hitachi MD 4GB (MuVo²)CF-II 1" MDPIO-4, UDMA-25.332.1920.365.332.1920.235.312.1820.265.292.1421.265.292.1421.62
IBM MD 1GBCF-II 1" MDPIO-3, DMA-13.561.4821.653.561.8121.763.561.8021.803.551.7721.55

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